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Ice Photo Contest Winner!

Wow! The winner of this month’s photo contest is Brenda, with the photo:

Ice Patterns on the Ramapo River


Look at those patterns!  Congratulations, Brenda!

As always, we had a number of great submissions, and we regret that we had to pick just one winner.  Check back in a few weeks to see the runners-up!

The theme for next month’s contest is:  Winter Birds

Last Month’s Photo Contest: Runners Up

Hello Yucky Readers,

One of you sent in an email requesting that after posting the Winning Photo for the Photo Contest, we show those photos that didn’t win. So each month we will post last month’s photo contest runners-up in the days preceding the announcement of the new winner for the new month’s contest.

Here are last month’s runner’s up from the Reindeer Contest:


by Pat



by Bobby



Don’t forget: the deadline for this month’s Ice contest is tomorrow, January 15th!  Good luck yuckers!

Pet Rocks: Week 1

Happy New Year, Yuckyuckyuckers!  As promised, here is the first Pet Rock Exhibition!  We have three submissions this week.


The TurtleBug

by Cyndi

“This is the turtle that evolved into a bug.”



The Anniversary Pet Rock

by Pat

“Here is one of my favorite pet rocks, it is called the anniversary pet rock.”




by Nick

“A snow rabbit.”



Introducing Pet Rocks

Hi Yuck Yuck Yuck readers!  At your request, starting in 2015 we will begin posting pictures of your pet rocks every week!

For those of you who have never had a pet rock, this is a great opportunity to get started.  For those of you who already make a weekly rock, this is a great chance to show them off!  This is a very exciting time for us at Yuck Yuck Yuck!

Details at our new Rocks Page.


Thank you everyone who completed the survey.  It has been very helpful.

Today is the 11th, which means Christmas is only two weeks away and the deadline for the first photo contest is only four days away!  We encourage everyone to submit a photo, even if it is a stupid photo— in fact, a stupid photo is even better!  Remember, the theme this month is reindeer.

Also, we are happy to report that we will be introducing several exciting new contests in addition to the photo contest early next year.

That’s all the news for now; Stay Tuned!

What animal are you?

Dear Friends,

It would be helpful if you could complete a brief survey.  Please take it if you can, it should only take a few minutes of your time.  You can share  your results by leaving a comment below.  Thank you!

The Survey:

What is your AGE:

What is your GENDER:

What are your hobbies or career interests?

Before you take the test, what animal do you think you might identity with the most? Why? (Consider some key characteristic traits that you might both share.)

Please take the test at

After completing the test, what animal does the website say is “the animal in you”?

Do you think this is a correct assumption? Why or Why not?