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Last Month’s Photo Contest: Runners Up

Here are the runners up from last month’s Water contest.

Yuma Fields

by Cyndi

I don’t particularly like Arizona only because of its dry heat, but I do absolutely love this picture! Arizona (Yuma lead) is the #2 lettuce producer in the United States! This is where your winter lettuce comes from. And of course the fields need a lot of water to make it through the dry heat (even in the winter)! So they fill up the canals stretching out from the Colorado River with water which then fill the field furrows with water to hydrate the lettuce.


Cyndi by the Water

by Nick


Spiritual Building on the Water

by Pat

Running Water Faucet in College Bathroom With Pink Soap

by Brenda


Can’t wait to see all your Spring Critters pictures!

Last Month’s Photo Contest: Runners Up

Hello Everyone!

Spring is finally here!  Things have been slow here at YuckYuckYuck.  We haven’t had a pet rock submission for several weeks, perhaps because everyone is too busy enjoying the spring weather to send in their rock pictures.  The Water photot contest deadline is tonight, so we are posting the runners-up from last month’s Shamrock contest.


by Robert

Here is a shamrock posterboard they have where I work. (o:

by Cyndi


Don’t forget to submit your Water photos by midnight!

Pet Rocks: Week 11

Two rocks for you to enjoy this week.

Lucky Irish Gold Rocks

by Pat

“my Irish gold rocks collection that any Leprechaun would love to get his hands on.          

                              HAPPY ST.PATRICK’S DAY! 



My Flat Rock

by Brenda

“This is one of my pet rocks.  I’ve had it for a long time.  It is very dark and very flat.  And very bumpy.