Money Photo Contest Winner

Happy Holidays everyone!  We had lots of creative submissions this month!  It was very difficult to choose a winner– eventually we had to choose the winner by coin toss (Ah ha ha!)

The winner this month is Brenda, with her photo:


“This is me, Brenda’s entry for the photo contest.  I am using my father’s email address but it is really me, I promise.  Well, here is my photo on time; it is titled COINFLAKE”

Congratulations, Brenda!

The theme for next month’s contest is: My Favorite Food.

*Special* Runner Up from Spooky Contest

Hello Yuckitos,

We are pleased to post the second place winner of the Spooky photo contest.  Usually we wait until the 13th or 14th of the next month to post the runners up, however we are making a very special exception this month because the second place winner was so very special and are posting it today, the 17th of October.  Here is the very special second place winner of the Spooky contest:

Ghoul in the Light of the Moon

by Brenda

“This photo was taken of the full moon. I didn’t see the man’s face in the sky until a few days later, after I looked at the picture!!!”


Now isn’t that a special picture?  Thanks a lot, Brenda.  You are a very special photographer.  We are very glad you won second place.  Give yourself a pat on the back!

Last Month’s Photo Contest: Runners Up

Here is the runner up from last month’s Flowers contest.

Zinnias on The Farm – Closter, NJ

by Bobby

“Hi Staff of Yuckland!   Here is my submission, submitted on time.  Please notice what a nice photo this is.  There is none better.  The flowers in this picture have been well tended.  Well that’s all for now.  Adios !”



by Sean


by Steve

“This is a fungi, so technically it may not be a flower, but sure looks like one. “

 African Violet 

by Pat


This Week’s Pet Rocks

We have two pet rock submissions this week!


by Christian

“I found Rocki at the playground. I picked her up and said, ‘Is this a piece of piorite? Or diorite?’ So then, I kept her as my pet rock. 



by Christian

“I was walking down the streets in field service when I found Richard. I knew he was a fossil,so I picked him up.What animal may he be from?