Last month’s My Favorite Food photo contest: Runners Up

Here are the runners up from last month’s My Favorite Food contest.

My Favorite Food

by Pat


For The Sophisticated Dog

by Sammy

“Kinda hard to pick a favorite food whens I gots so many favorites – but stinky is always good to my taste and ya gotta love these here stinks!  Oh yeah.  From the sea to the can to my mouth.  Good times!”


Pre-Internet – Pure Pleasure Since 1937

by Bobby

“Hey, can you say S  P  A  M ?   What else is there to say? ”


“My Favorite Food” Photo Contest Winner

Happy New Year Everyone!  This month we had lots of mouth-watering submissions.

The winner this month is Cyndi, with her photo:

Sopes (pronounced ‘soh-pehs’)

“When I was growing up, my mom would always ask me and my siblings what dish we wanted for our Birthdays. For me and my siblings, it was always between sopes and enchiladas. My mom makes the best food in the world, and while these particular sopes aren’t made by my mom, I was pretty excited to find out that they make them at a restaurant in NJ. “

Congratulations, Cyndi!

The theme for next month’s contest is: Architecture and Sculpture by Day or by Night.